Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wedding Photos 1

The wedding photos CDs arrived last night. I will post a selection a day, in chronological order. It was late last night, and early this morning, that I went through each one as they uploaded.... I could feel the happiness again. Friend Jannell mentioned it recently--that our wedding was happy and stress didn't dominate it. There was a lot of laughter, singing and dancing--as all good things should be! Looking back, that the fact that we managed the stress well is one of the nicest things. Thanks be to God!

Again my heart is grateful to my wonderful, cheerful and loving, helpful children! To my dearest, dearest Mother-in-Law, such an inspirational example of helpfulness, discretion, class, and Love. And Husband, who jumped in with crucial and wonderful decisions always at the right time! And with a smile on his face. To the groom and his family: wonderful, fun, loving people! And last of all Claudia, aka Number Two, the bride par excellence, who came through it all in shining colors: practical, fun, reasonable, simple, and truly happy to be married.

Now, looking back, I wouldn't change a thing.

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Tereza Braga said...

Wonderful text ! Great pics. Can't wait for the rest. Obrigada!