Saturday, August 09, 2014

The Moroccan Wedding Celebration!

The very next evening was the Moroccan celebration of Number Two's marriage. Their local paperwork was done last fall, but this is the way Moroccans celebrate weddings.

My beautiful sister Tereza of Avila was also in Casablanca with us! 

Number Seven wiggling herself into being Uncle Dave's assistant! He had made thee network cards to explain his fascinating business to anyone interested.

The ladies get ready for the Moroccan wedding celebration. Aunt Sue, Brenna and friend Demi came along!

Blue is the men's color of the day!

Our hosts provided a school bus to transport the masses!

Ah the joy of having a son along whom I so seldom see! Can you see it on my face?

The Grandfather's house where the celebration would take place.

The mosaic walls!


I had an exclusive preview of Number Two in her "first dress", and her belle-mere.
The "Americans" table!

The dinner's first course was a Seafood Pastille.

And the main course was beef with fruits and nuts! 

Yes, they were dancing with my daughter on their shoulders, and yes, I was terrified.

Happy groom and two belle-meres!

She wore dress # 2 for dinner at our table! 

With her delightful friends and colleagues from British Council! 

Happy Aunts!

Don't they look good?

Number Four looking handsome!

And Number One, so grown up! 

My guys!

Her third and last dress was her own wedding dress from last year.

These two grew up together and their love for each other gives their parents such joy.

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