Sunday, July 12, 2009

SMF Shakespeare Camp 2009

Number Three as Demetrius, Number Four as The Duke of Athens, and Number Five as Titania: Shakespeare Camp 2009!

The weather was perfect, clear, not windy, and cool. I have never enjoyed Shakespeare's Midsummer as I did last night! We even had out-of-town audience guests from St. Louis and Omaha!

The kids were outstanding. Their hard work for six consecutive days paid off--they looked comfortable and confident in their roles, Shakespearean phrases coming out from their mouths as if that is the only way they have talked all of their lives.

The audience loved it! The young kids in front were enthralled and laughed heartily! The actors seemed to thrive on the audience's enjoyment of the play and the only pause was for a noisy, nosy airplane descending towards the airport.

From the program:
When I approached C. with the idea for this camp, she quickly said “Yes!” I am glad and so thankful she did! All week along as I came to and fro around the acreage, from the kitchen to the garden, from the sewing machine to the rehearsal stage, Shakespeare lines filled my ears, complete with laughter and the actors’ lively personalities! I will miss Shakespeare Camp here! Every day we gathered before the dinner break and prayed together, calling the saints from heaven to come be with us: once every actor called a favorite saint, we called the saints of the day, and also Saint Genesius, patron saint of actors, of course. I’d say the saints we summoned from heaven came to our rescue, because these young people did in one week what many would think impossible: a complete Shakespeare play! Sit back and enjoy the show!

Thank you to N. G. who found the music, and C. B. who did the clever boy fairy wings. Also J. S. for the beautiful fairy headpieces and J.W. for adding to the sewing machine buzzing in the house! K. S. was a helpful prompter! Truly all of the Shakespeare camp moms provided help and cheerful support all week long! Thanks to all!

Your hostess, Ana

Saint Margaret of Scotland, pray for us!


Candise and Crew said...

Such an ambitious project! Such fine results for the kids! Bravo!!

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Thanks! Thanks! Definitely a group effort-- the kids deserve the highest praise!