Thursday, February 07, 2013

Catholic Homeschool Conference Online

Refresh! Midwinter Homeschool Conference 2013

Have you ever felt those midwinter doldrums? Does homeschooling tend to bog down for you during certain times of the year? I know it does for me. Here’s something we can get excited about!
Beginning in February, you’ll get a chance to rejuvenate your spirit, encourage your heart, and feel inspired & recharged in your homeschooling with our upcoming series of FREE webinars for homeschool parents (Yes, these webinars you will attend from home, all free, with nationally known speakers)–all online and even recorded, spread out over a number of weeks, so that you can get great inspiration and ideas exactly when you need it.
February is known as “Burnout Month” in homeschooling circles, and we thought it would be good to help us all get through that tough month with something extraordinary: the Refresh! Midwinter Virtual Conference.
Available now as a recording! Simplified Writing: What Every High School Student Needs to Know to SucceedErin Brown ConroyFebruary 48:00 pm ET1 hour
Available now as a recording! The Catholic Revival from Newman to TolkienJoseph PearceFebruary 58:00 pm ET1 hour
Simplified Writing: What Every MIDDLE School Student Needs to Know to SucceedErin Brown ConroyFebruary 68:00 pm ET1 hour
Your Own Toy Theater: G.K. Chesterton's Legacy with ChildrenNancy BrownFebruary 78:00 pm ET1 hour
How to Homeschool and Not Lose Your MindMary Ellen BarretFebruary 118:00 pm ET1 hour
Healthy Mind, Happy Heart: How to Build Your Child's Attitude and FocusErin Brown ConroyFebruary 138:00 pm ET1 hour
Transitioning to College: Five Top Skills for Academic SuccessCarol ReynoldsFebruary 148:00 pm ET1 hour
Fueling the Peace Lamp to Prevent Burn OutRita MunnFebruary 188:00 pm ET1 hour
Twenty Years of the Henebry Homeschool: What Worked for UsAna Braga-HenebryFebruary 198:00 pm ET1 hour
Balanced Parenting: Real Actions that Make Parenting EasierErin Brown ConroyFebruary 208:00 pm ET1 hour
Bringing American Geography and History Alive through the ArtsCarol ReynoldsFebruary 218:00 pm ET1 hour
Schooling Multiple Ages: Tips from a Mom of 13 (Homeschooling 27 Years and Counting)Erin Brown ConroyFebruary 258:00 pm ET1 hour
20 Factors Admission Committees Consider and How Students Can Develop Themselves into Excellent Applicants and College StudentsKatherine O'brienFebruary 268:00 pm ET1 hour
Ora et Labora: Loving Service as PrayerMaria RiouxFebruary 288:00 pm ET1 hour


#2 said...

Haha look at that! You've been upgraded to a "nationally known speaker!"

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Imagine that!!