Wednesday, March 20, 2013


The girls and I were talking today about Number Six's team third place last night at Quiz Bowl. We talked about the more difficult questions, especially the many on Government, and the ones the girls got right, and wrong.

At dinner time I was suggesting to Number Seven that she reads A Child's History of the World again, on her own, still in this third quarter. I told her I remember how both Numbers Three and Two read it on their own before they went on to high school.

Then Number Six said that she always realizes how many Quiz Bowl answers comes to her from studying that book so long ago with her friends here at our kitchen table. She said that the workbook pages I prepared for them comes to her mind, every time a question comes up. I was so happy to hear it.

As it is, I have been receiving a steady stream of emails since my webinar, with requests for free copies of the workbook I wrote for our favorite History book. It gladdens my heart that others enjoy the activities, and that their kids love the book! This is one I received just today:
Dear Ana, Thank you!!! This is absolutely perfect for my 3 girls! It is just what we need to reinforce what we read in the book, it’s short and simple and fun. I can’t wait to use it right away. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Can I offer you our prayers for your family in return? You just made my day on this very cold first day of spring! Lenten blessings, K.


Sara said...

I would love to have a copy of that workbook. Where can I get one? I have the book, but have not read it with the kids yet. I was thinking it would be a great spring project.

Julie said...

Ana, would you be willing to share your workbook with those of us who missed your webinar? The boys and I could you some inspiration at this point! Thank you for bringing beauty into my day through your blog. Fondly, Julie

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Sarah and Julie, I emailed both of you!