Friday, October 18, 2013

It's the season for Paper Saints

 If you are having problems with the images, send me an email at and I will respond with images attached. Ana

This is the busiest time of the year for my blog as these paper heavenly friends have spread around the web world. Last night I already received my first inquiry for patterns. Funny how the simplest, homemade project has turned into such a welcome project all around, as moms and teachers look for easy, simple ways to learn and celebrate All Saints' Day! I think for me it is a great joy to send these patterns because they offset the Halloween craze this time of the year. I don't really mind Halloween, and have done my duty of taking children by hand to encounter the smiles and candies at neighbors' doors, but I will never really take it to heart, not having grown up with it. All Saints' Day, on the other hand, a great holy day, what a huge reason to celebrate, and a well-deserved Holiday in any Catholic country. I'm adding images you can copy, paste, print... be creative, the sky is the limit! And remember---be creative--and send back pictures! I love posting them.


Unknown said...

Hi Ana!

Thank you so much for this fun project :o) We're going to have a Make A Saint station at our All Saints Day party tomorrow night, using your templates :o)

Would you please be able to post the PDF files for these, by any chance? I was having a hard time finding a working link for the "basic" PDF (main template, Juan Diego and basic accessories) and finally just got it, but I don't have the new ones you made, that are shown in this new post.

This is where I found the basic template, in case others are having a hard time finding them too:

Thank you again, and have a very Blessed All Saints Day tomorrow!

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Thanks for your comment! Did you see this
I've long had trouble with googlepages so I'm happy you found those! Feel free to copy any image onto a Word doc and create a pdf!