Thursday, September 25, 2014

Last evening with Number One: A Dinner to Remember

I explained to Number One how I save the Fillet Mignon from our farm raised, grass-fed beef for when he comes home, as his visits are so very rare now. Last night the kids were all gone to different activities at the parish and Number One and I together prepared a dinner to remember, to be enjoyed with Husband.... Fillet Mignon, pasta with freshly made marinara, and a Caesar Salad from a special source: he had sent me a while back an app with the same title, and we followed it exactly, beginning with anchovies fillets! It was the best Caesar salad ever! To top it off I made an apple-braid dessert I saw on a friend's Facebook yesterday, and I knew it'd be a success as apple desserts are both Number One's and Husband's favorites!

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gmh said...

Very yummy indeed! Thx!