Sunday, November 23, 2014

Last Sunday before Advent

We were hoping our "ordinary time" Sunday dinner candles would make it... they barely did! Next Sunday, they will be purple and pink, and Number Six can't wait to be singing Advent music!

After dinner, just the three of us downstairs, I told them I'd do the dishes if they sang some... they were happy to comply and went through new stuff... and then more: the whole repertoire came out, entirely for Mom, and I was in heaven. I got some recorded. To you they will sound like an out-of-tune piano and voices with much training ahead. To me, it sounded like angels.

It actually got me thinking about the bliss of the truly happy, content moment in life. We were warm, happy at home, and the girls were singing delightfully. My happiness was so complete, so good. There was no other place, or no other moment, I would have preferred. How can I possibly not turn to God, Love itself, and thank Him wholeheartedly, for this foretaste of heaven? 

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