Thursday, January 29, 2015

Holy Hour Rosary

Posted this on my Facebook group:

Thank you ladies once more for allowing me to take your intentions to the Eucharistic Lord! For those of you who sent them after my Holy Hour: God is the Lord of Time and He knows our hearts. 

The photo above is of my Mother's old Rosary--I wrote last year about when my sister gave me this rosary, and how I felt the fort time I prayed with it--and realized my saintly mother had held the very same beads and prayed for me! 

Today I prayed the Glorious Mysteries!

I waited until about half an hour into my Holy Hour and read your intentions... 

During the Resurrection I prayed for all of the intentions that asked for conversion: conversions of our hearts, of our children, of our husbands. May the Resurrected Lord, the cornerstone of our Christian salvation and belief, bring all hearts to Him! 

The Ascension brought to mind all of the intentions for the dying, and the deceased. May their death be sanctified, may their souls ascent to the Heavenly Father! 

During the Descent of the Holy Spirit I prayed for those of us who are asking God to help us in our housing situations... and family issues too! I thought of the Blessed Mother and the Apostles inside their safe walls... until the Holy Spirit descended, giving them strength, taking away fear. May our homes be good, and safe, Lord. May our families inside them live in harmony and Christian peace, may our children leave the home strengthened by faithful example, and ready to be your light in the world!

The Assumption... one of my very favorite mysteries! Our Blessed Mother arriving in heaven, her mothering heart bursting with joy. With you, dearest Mother, take all of our special, personal, private intentions, the ones so profoundly inside our hearts... but not expressed in words. There were so many this week! They are in our mothers' hearts and so you, especially, know them! Please beg your Divine Son for us, you who so fully understand the womanly heart of the wife and mother! 

During the Coronation I brought  all of the health-related intentions. May Our Lady, Crowned Queen of heaven and earth, bring our petitions for health--for us mothers, for our children and relatives, for our dear friends--to the Supreme Healer! 

In Your Goodness, hear our petitions, Heavenly Father.

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