Thursday, April 09, 2015

Holy Hour

This has become such a highlight in my weekly life: the praying for my online group's intentions that always come on Thursday mornings, pleading, sincere, so many times sorrowful.

Ladies, the holy hour went so fast! I prayed the glorious mysteries since it is Easter Week: a prayer of praise and thanksgiving during the Resurrection, and a prayer for faith and strength during the Ascension. I said the Aves of the third mystery thanking Him for all of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit! As I contemplated on the Assumption of our dearest Blessed Mother I asked her so vehemently to take to her Divine Son all of our intentions: the finances, jobs, conversions, healing, consolation, need for strength, safety, peace, reconciliation and all family issues... And finally during the Crowning I placed at her feet all of the unspoken and special intentions!
Thank you ladies for this privilege.
In the joy of the Risen Lord, Ana.

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