Saturday, December 17, 2016

A "Number Seven Saturday"

She is the wonderful type of artist who must grab the camera when beauty accidentally comes across. She took the photos for my #winterwindows series.

She was home for a lot of the day, which is rare. So she shoveled snow, and we had time for two chapters of Moral Theology under the wise and focussed direction of Number Six, where we discussed many things, concluding that the world insists on forgetting that there is a right and wrong, but that in the faithful heart the distinction is sound and lasting.

I have been knitting for Christmas, and she decided have a Go at knitting too--left handed as she is--so I attempted to teach her in a backwards manner... Well, the result was a healthy amount of laughter!

Number Seven is a blessing and delight to our family. How many times I have thanked God for having sent us this last of our children, a beautiful, talented, easy-going and absolutely delightful girl who brings us all so much joy and love!

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