Sunday, March 05, 2017

Saint Walburga Pontifical Mass

They have my watercolor as one of their banner images... :-)

From Google translate:

01.03.2017Walburgafest 2017 Pontifical worship service (Photo: M. Schneider) We were able to celebrate the Walburg Festival on Saturday, February 25th, together with numerous believers from near and far, on the most beautiful pre-spring weather. This time, the pontiflv service was broadcast live on television and also followed by many spectators. The final vespers in the parish church were always very well attended. Above all, the Eichstätter themselves appear numerous at this time of prayer, for, say some, "we leave the morning to the foreign pilgrims, the Vespers are then to us." So we are especially grateful for the harmonious and smooth running of the feast and for the fact that, Walburga has given a large, venerable saint, who still enjoys immense popularity among the people.

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