Friday, January 12, 2018

more on putting Christmas things away

As I was cleaning and organizing the ornaments, I was again marveling at the little paper house--my favorite of all-- that I built from junk mail more than 30 years ago. And crushed egg shells. I came across the original "plans" for it that my dear aunt drew for me, as mine is but an inferior copy of the one she had that I loved during my childhood.

And I came across this Christmas soap my friend Pattie P. sent me long long ago when we lived in NJ. I could never use it--every Christmas I just enjoy the smells! Again I pt it away, this time offering prayers as her husbands is in the last stages of terminal cancer.

And last but not least I took another photo of the Nativity before I put it away--noticing the gift of the little rainbow on the wall behind it. Whatever secular culture does with the rainbow, its milenar meaning of God's Promise isn't likely to go away. I took it to heart. It will be a year of new challenges, I suspect. Kids starting new lives, work and school decisions to be made, and more. And yet God promises still--we should live each day carefully and under His love and guidance, and He will take care of us. We are thankful and confident under His Love.

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