Wednesday, January 16, 2019

New Abbess at my sister’s Abbey 

 It is on the Abbey's website!

Here's one of the photos, and found Sister Martina is one of the images:

And here's from Google translate:

On the feast day of the religious saints Maurus and Placidus, our newly elected abbess arrived on a direct flight from Washington to Munich. Actually, a perfect transfer from the airport to St. Walburg with chauffeur and episcopal car was planned, but in the course of confusion the u. a. also caused by the strikes at the airports, the arrival time of mother Hildegard had moved into the early morning hours instead of at lunchtime. The car service could not be reached in the short term, so made the planned delegation consisting of our spiritual H. pastor Göttle (also in his capacity as a religious commissioner of the diocese of Eichstätt) and Prioress Sr. Fides with the monastery car and a monastic chauffeur in the state capital. At about 9.30 am, the newly appointed abbess arrived in St. Walburg, where the monastic community had already prepared to welcome them at the gatehouse. Until 4.30 pm, Mother Hildegard had some rest after the first communal meal in the refectory, which was more than due after the long journey, and was then formally introduced as Bishop of St. Walburg by Bishop Gregor Maria Hanke OSB in the chapter house. After she had pronounced the creed, the bishop gave her the election confirmation and the pectoral. The convent then went into procession to the choir chapel, where Mother Hildegard was led by Bishop Gregory Maria to the abbess's throne. This was followed by the Homagium of the Convention (the obedience promise given to the Abbess and a subsequent "Pax"), the bishop agreed to the TeDeum and together we sang the Vespers.
The next day Mayor Andreas Steppberger visited the new abbess with a delegation of brass musicians and expressed his hope that the city and the monastery would like to continue to remain in friendly and good harmony.

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