Tuesday, February 12, 2019

More birthday messages

What is it about words? To me they are the real pearls, as opposed to the jewels I do not wish to receive. Because money was never in surplus for us, Husband and I have an understood agreement  of giving simple things to each other, which makes me very happy. I have received the most beautiful birthday and Christmas messages from him. I've given him hand-made things, coupons for favorites dishes, surprise pies, and messages written and there. And prayers--real gifts. Now our children join us in giving this most precious of gifts--words that come from loving hearts. I've also gotten sweet cards from my sister, and from old friend Sistre Stephen OSB, now retired in Oklahoma, whose Portuguese is still impeccable.

Card and chocolates from sis Tereza

from Sister Stephen OSB

A bit jumbled transcript from Number Five.

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