Saturday, December 28, 2019

A visit to the museum

We overcame the lack of exterior beauty hoping for something good inside the local MSU Museum, but were utterly disappointed. A small and uninteresting temporary exhibit, stairs going up displaying a "mature content" sign, which we avoided. I inquired and was told there is NO permanent collection. Best  they could do for us was to point to a glass window through which we could glimpse at the archived items. I wonder about alumni wanting to revisit the classic works from the old museum of their college days. In other college towns we have lived, we enjoyed taking kids and company to look at art and history from each state, along with interesting perdocidcal special exhibits. This is a MUCH bigger university, and its size matched our utter disappointment. 

The only nice thing I foudn worth photographing was this cute print for $40 at the gift shop.

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