Monday, December 09, 2019

Putting up the Nativity Set

Yesterday I put up the old Nativity Set from my beloved auntie. She would set it up so beautifully every year and I so wish I had a photo of it--it was a work of art, using real sand and little rocks etc. I asked her over the years for it and sometime after I was married she did give it to me. I have have been putting it up for 30 years! 

The stable is made from discarded pieces of an old wood roof they were replacing at our first rental in Manhattan, KS. I thought then it was quite temporary, but over the years it has seemed more and more perfect for the humble birth of the King of Kings. I wonder if one of my children will ever ask for it, and if it can withstand many more years--being made of crumbly pottery. For now, I spend love and time arranging it again and again, the heart full of gratitude for so much God has provided us through the years, for all of the Christmases, for so many loving memories.

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