Monday, March 09, 2020

Vovo Helena's Cookbook

I have been packing and packing... and slowly going through everything. So many boxes delivered to St. Vincent's. It feels good to know we must downsize because of the new small space. 

One of the good things is finding treasures. I had already gone though the cookbooks in SD, but as I was packing I realized I had added my old Grandmother's cookbook to the pile. And I started leafing though it as for the forst time again... We all always admired her amazing handwriting--she told so many times of the education she received as a little girl in school in Olinda in NE Brazil--a school taught by French nuns. Grandmother had cut photos from magazines to decorate the book, a table of contents on the back, and many notes. I feel like framing the whole thing or preserving it somehow!

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