Friday, April 24, 2020

A heavenly gift! Framed Sacred Hearts.

Number Five brought a present that both surprised and delighted. I love the hand-embroidered scapulars by a young Catholic artist on Etsy, and had purchased one long ago with the intention of framing it for the home, as it depicted the Sacred Hearts. Alas, even after ordering the largest size, they were just too tiny to be framed. I gave the beautiful scapular to Number Six when she entered convent, and made sure to take pictures of the images, hoping to embroider them bigger one day, with the intentions of framing them for our new future home. Well, here we are in our new "future " home, and Number Five, who recently met a new friend who loves to embroider, commissioned them and brought these to us!  

The two originals on the scapular

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