Sunday, June 28, 2020

At the Monastery

So I start my stay here in this peaceful place... The meals are brought to us at the guest house and we follow the sisters' "horarium".

First impressions...

... the place and facilities here at the monastery are modest and humble, but I close my eyes and feel as if I am experiencing the most expensive vacation.
The mountain air, the views of the mountains and the sun crossing the sky, its light painting different colors all around as the day progresses.

The sounds—roosters take me directly back to my childhood in our summer home... what delicious memories of home, love, goodness. 

The birdsong all around, the buzzing of happy and plentiful bees, and the bell ringing throughout the day reminding sisters and guests alike of our next prayer time.

The rhythm of the day, divided into bits of work, prayer, rest—and conducive to the most fruitful life! I see it in the amount of work accomplished and yet the serene sisters are at chapel processing in two by two, chanting, seven times a day.

The enormous organic garden has every corner cared for, no sign of neglect... a feast for the eyes. Their happy hens and roosters... They milk cows, goats and sheep... they breed and train dogs, they make cheese and yogurt and cook all of their simple meals out of mostly vegetables, allowing for milk and dairy only three times a week. No meat at all.

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