Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Trip to California

I have been looking forward to this trip since January... and so glad it didn't have to be canceled with all that is happening. Husband travels with me and flies back while I stay to enjoy peaceful monastic life a while.

We took the train where we had private cabins. With the pandemic it was fairly empty and very relaxed. We toasted our crossing of the Mississippi and after a few adventures we drove a rental car up the road from Barstow to Tehachapi, to then climb and climb... to the entrance of the Monastery.

Cabin during the day

Beautiful views

Mississipi River

... it is enormous! 


Cabin at night

Western sunset

Selfie at Albuquerque stop

My partner in crime

Western landscape

rocky canyons

In front of our hotel in Barstow

California road on high desert--airplanes and windmills

Up and up

Little Water Canyon Rd from Tehachapi

The entrance!

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