Monday, July 27, 2020

A quote

In recent conversation by email with my siblings, I showed  them this, and my oldest brother commented how much he misses the presence of our Mamae. I commented how it is extraordinary that she still teaches me to this day, even in small things. I told him about how Husband brought home a pot of geranium and it is the first geranium I take care of. I remember that my mother had geraniums and would spend quite a bit of time cutting them carefully, and now as I trim our own geraniums the image of her spending time with them comes to mind and I feel like she’s still teaching me, telling me how if I "cut like this and that, the flowers will have more room to grow and bloom.." I can almost hear her voice! Even if I never paid much attention, I remember her with her geraniums, and I’m thankful today for her teaching.