Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Number SIx has a new name!

May God be praised! Yesterday it was her vestition, or clothing. She was officially accepted into the community, received the new novice and veil, and Mother gave her copies of  the constitution of their priory and the Rule of Saint Augustine, which they follow. We spoke to her on the phone yesterday, and many siblings joined by audio. The ceremony was private in the cloister, but they took and sent me photos! She told us herself her new name: 

Sister Maria Perpetua O. Praem.!

We are so pleased that we continue calling her by her baptismal name! The sisters ask that we do not post in social media such as Facebook and I am trusting that this blog is personal, with a limited following. You readers are mostly family and dear friends, and I ask that you refrain from posting images posted here.

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