Thursday, December 23, 2021

Time with Dominic

Dominic has been staying overnight with us as his parents and James are spending the nights next door. (Our neighbors spend the holidays in Canada and offer us the house.) So my time is completely and delightfully taken by the kitchen and by Dominic: as soon as kitchen is clean after a meal we go downstairs to the playroom where he enjoys the toys his mother and siblings enjoyed when they were little! Going through the adorable playmobil toys, the maple blocks, duplos and Lincoln logs with my energetic, clever and imaginative grandson has been the sweetest thing! 
At night we read the Laura Ingalls picture books, with illustrations so rich in details. Then we pray together, and I tell stories… and we sing “Pela Estrada Afora” which he has completely mastered. It has been so many years since Number Seven slept next to me, her head on my arm… to be enjoying this again has been a gift.  


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