Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Update on baby James

 James is growing, growing, growing! It's amazing how many things he has learned and mastered since Christmas! 

1) We finally changed his crib to a lower setting as he is rolling everywhere! (Especially with the help of his handy-dandy helmet).  

2) James is loving playing with his food. We finally started solids introduction and went to the feeding clinic for some tailored advice. Honestly, I didn't really love the advice, but there it is. He loves to play and laugh and smile during dinner, and not much gets swallowed - just spread around the dining room! It's great fun, and Dominic enjoys meals now, so that's a huge added bonus. 

3) James is SO close to sitting unassisted! He loves to look around and play with his baby gym, new toys from Christmas, and basically anything he can chew. But nothing tops watching his big brother run and play. 

4) James had a meeting with his Craniofacial team last week, and they are super pleased and impressed with his progress and health! His surgeon also said based on our difficult experience with the palate expander, he is working with an orthodontist to improve the device. Good news for James in the future if he needs another round, or for other kids like him! They also said they will be wanting to expand the back of James's skull. That is a very different surgery than his FOA, with internal distractors turned every day for many days to completely change the shape of his head. However, the good news is that this would only happen around 2 years old, given his routine scans look good at so there is no brain crowding. 

5) James has been doing well with his helmet (besides the lock room smell)! He is actually sleeping super well wearing it, which has been an unexpected blessing! 

All in all, sweet James is the happiest, most playful, most snuggly baby ever and we are so blessed to have him!! 

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