Friday, May 01, 2015

Flowers for Our Lady during the month of May!

At home, growing up, Mother would set up a little Marian altar every month of May. She had a beautiful statue of Our Lady of Grace and during May we had candles, linens and fresh flowers around her. We would say a family rosary every night with cousins, neighbors and friends.

When we first visited our new parish church here, Number Six and I went looking for Our Lady--and although she was a little difficult to find, tucked in a corner, we did find her so beautiful, in a medieval-like style.

Since I joined the Catholic Daughters group at the parish it came to me that I could approach them about having our group sponsor fresh flowers for Mary! I brought up the subject to the ladies a while back, re-telling the story I heard long ago of how a criminal man was saved in the last moment because, as a child, he had brought flowers to the Mary statue, honoring his heavenly Mother... And at the last meeting it was voted favorably and unanimously!  We received all appropriate permissions, and we are on! I am so happy to be the one to bring the fresh flowers every Friday.

I am using my own vases--this one was given to me some 20 years ago when Number Two and Husband chose it together for Mother's Day. It will always be my favorite vase! I will try and post here the new arrangement every week this month.

This morning before Mass I prayed the Rosary so happily. Thank you my Mother in Heaven for all of the good people who made this happen, and please pray for all those who love and honor you!

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