Saturday, November 17, 2012

Trip to Brazil 5

On my last day at home in Brazil, I took the camera (phone) and went around capturing a few of the lovely things on the wall that took me back to my childhood. Some of these were my grandma's, some were at my parents' home. The figurine based on the painting The Angelus by Millet used to sit atop the mantelpiece in grandmother's mountain property where we spent three months of the year... and it is so, so lovely.

The Blessed Mother Statue used to be in my parents' bedroom and I have especially loved it as a child. My devotion to Mary, I am sure, stems from her presence in our home and my conversations with her during prayer. In the month of May she would be found on a little homemade altar in the Family Room where we said the daily Rosary with our cousins.

The little framed painting saying "O Mundo todo nao vale o meu lar" ("The whole world is not worth my home") was also in grandmother's country home, and just looking at it takes me back there! I must have been very visual already as a child.... these images do have the power to take me there. I wonder if all of my siblings feel the same.

Finally the little iron-wood stove was my parent's, bought in a souvenir shop at Gettysburgh,  PA during a visit there while they lived in Pittsburgh for a spell before I was born--my father was a steel engineer. It is so little and perfect with all of the pieces, and still looks brand new thanks to my little sister who cares for all family things so lovingly.

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