Saturday, January 24, 2015

My brother's amazing photos of Chapada Diamantina

My brother Joao and his wife Camila, my old high school friend, went on a very recent trip to Chapada Diamantina in the state of Bahia, Brazil. Bahia is a huge state full of wonders! The photos he sent were so beautiful, I thought they deserve a special blog post! Enjoy!

Found info in English online here.

The city "Livramento de Nossa Senhora" with its waterfall

The waterfall up close

Regional rock formation

On the way to "Cachoeira da Fumaça" ("Smoke Falls")

Canyon in front of "Cachoeira da Fumaça" ("Smoke Falls")

 "Cachoeira da Fumaça" ("Smoke Falls")

 "Cachoeira da Fumaça": vertical view from top

Yikes! Looking down to the base of the falls

Top of  "Cachoeira da Fumaça" ("Smoke Falls")

 "Cachoeira da Fumaça" ("Smoke Falls")

"Pratinha" ("Little Silver")

"Pratinha" ("Little Silver")

 Snorkeling at "Pratinha" ("Little Silver")

"Pratinha" ("Little Silver")

"Morro do Pai Inácio" ("Father Ignatius' Hill")

"Morro do Pai Inácio" ("Father Ignatius' Hill")

"Morro do Pai Inácio" ("Father Ignatius' Hill")

"Morro do Pai Inácio" ("Father Ignatius' Hill")

City of  "Lençóis"  

Snorkeling in "Poço Azul" ("Blue Well")

Towards "Iguatu"

Stone house in Iguatu

Ruins in Iguatu

Stone house in Iguatu

In "Mucugê"

Road crossing a brook

Toward "Buracão" ("Big Hole")

Hiking down toward "Buracão"

"Buracão" Falls

"Buracão" Falls

"Buracão" Falls

"Buracão" Falls

"Buracão" Falls

"Buracão" Falls

One of the hiking trails to "Buracão" Falls

Sunset at Chapada Diamantina

Big house in the town of "Rio das Contas"

Old church in Rio das Contas

Back to "Lençóis"  

Colored rocks

View of "Morro do Pai Inácio"

Rock in Itacoara region

Friday, January 23, 2015

Three from Facebook

A year ago Number Five was at the March for Life in DC... she posted this yesterday:

 This was one of my posts this morning:

And then there was this good piece on a paradox Husband and I have often discussed. The article is here.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Holy Hour Rosary today

I again posted my willingness to bring their intentions to the feet of the Eucharistic Lord, and again the prayer intentions of my Catholic Homeschool Moms on Facebook flooded in. More than one hundred of them in a space of about two hours! I just now posted this there:

Again I thank you all for allowing me to do this!

In the beautiful silence of the chapel, I prayed the Joyful Mysteries.

The Annunciation brought to my heart all of you who asked prayers for the babies--the little ones, the ones being born today, the ones to be born soon. The moms who prayed that they will be able to have a baby. The difficult pregnancies, the moms mourning a miscarriage. Eucharistic Lord, hear our prayer. 
The Visitation brought to my heart dear Zachariah--his stubbornness, his punishment from God, and finally his exultation in the forgiveness and promise of God of his son. And the many prayers asked for the husbands came to mind. So many of them! That our husbands are spirituality strong, examples, leaders, that they are faithful. That they have good employment to support their families. That we strive every day to better help them, in joy, patience, and in love. That we love them as Christ wants us to love them. Eucharistic Lord, hear our prayer. 
The Nativity: how could I not think of all of those people marching today in Washington DC? For the legal rights of the unborn people of our nation? Yes, all of the intentions that came for their safety, and for their march to be eloquent, that it produce fruit and that this country soon will be free from this horrific practice. So many of us have friends and relatives there today! Eucharistic Lord, hear our prayer. 
The Presentation made me think of the Holy Family. So many were the intentions concerning families: family relationships, good communication, patience, family finances, potential moves, issues involving older parents, houses to buy and houses to sell, decisions, career guidance, discernment. For those families mourning. Eucharistic Lord, hear our prayer. 

Lastly, the Finding of Our Lord in the Temple made me think how we sometimes need to seek Him, to find Him, especially in the sacrament of confession. So all of the prayers for healing, for a simple touch from the Lord that brings healing of body or of mind. How that encounter with Him is always new, sweet, filled with Hope and Grace! And here I brought to Him also all those special, personal intentions in your' hearts... Eucharistic Lord, hear our prayer.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Online teaching!

I have thought of doing this... and was pleased to be invited. Let's see how it goes... I hope I am able to help my students learn well! 

Monday, January 19, 2015


I've been walking daily now for almost three months, and I can no longer imagine life without this daily activity. The chart I found today pretty much translates how I feel about it, in mind and body. Since I walk with a friend who is diabetic and must walk for serious health reasons, my walking has that beautiful purpose added to it. I post maps of different iPhone apps we use--we like to know how far and fast we go.. I have yet to find the ideal app. I like to think we are daily training for our next 5K!