Saturday, February 28, 2015

Number Six's Piano Recital

She played Invention No 9 in F Minor by Bach. It was a non-judged recital in preparation for Festival next weekend. She played on the beautifully restored Steinway on the stage of Lincoln Hall. At 15, she is a beautiful pianist. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Saint Walburga Feast 2015

It happened yesterday and today the abbey's website has the photos! It is so easy to spot Sister Marta Braga OSB as she has the white veil! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Matthew Kelly's videos

I am so pleased with his videos. We signed up to receive his daily messages for Lent, and some of them are videos. The videos are able to be attractive to everyone, in whatever stage of their spiritual journey. Mostly he speaks simply about basic truths--and the messages surface clearly, shining, unmistakably hopeful and attractive. The photo shows one of his daily emails. 

His Lenten "campaign" is free, check the website here.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A tour of Number Three's classroom

Over text, Number Three gave the family a tour of his classroom as he had a bit of time at his school waiting for an evening event. As I went through each photo, editing them for this post, my heart filled with love and gratitude.

We mothers pray for our children... insistently, nagging heaven to watch over them, to guide them, to open doors of opportunities that will provide them with their daily needs... but mostly that will teach them the way to heaven.

When we traveled to Number Three's graduation last year, it was very uncertain still what he would be doing following that. I know I don't talk about family stress much here--I much prefer to keep it in prayer--but any reader will imagine what it is for a parent the desire to see a newly graduating child well-employed. Not employed with a great salary: no, employed in a way that it will continue forming his or her character and compassionate heart, teaching them the way to virtue and to heaven. And of course still providing them with the necessary for basic needs.

Again this mother's prayers were answered--how can my heart not sing in praise and gratitude? Through our dear and faithful friend Fr. B. A., in a very round-about way, Number Three was offered the position of Greek Middle School and Fifth Grade Homeroom teacher at the Regina Coeli Academy, a small classical school in Philadelphia.

I cannot think of a first job better suited, or more perfect for him. To transition from college life to the real world by working daily with children, telling them stories from classical antiquity he loved from childhood, and his passion for the classical languages as well! And all in a prayerful, disciplined environment where he must behave as a role model and a mature adult.

Not surprisingly, he has thrived in the job! Unprepared and clueless as a 22 year male can possibly be, he learned to ask for help, to humbly learn very basic-basics, and with these, some very important attributes of adult life in the real world. He is loving it. He has always loved children and now to hear him describe his students, his enthusiasm for teaching them, his new-found delight in teaching... how wonderful! I do see the possibility of him teaching all his life, and maybe staying with kids! I see his own future kids in his classrooms, and like he did, they too may surpass their own dad one day in knowledge of Greek and Latin, or the intricacies of the mythology stories from classical antiquity!

Alas, it will all come to a halt as life after his wedding to the beautiful Emily will take them to live in Washington DC, where she has been offered a job in Capitol Hill. He is now searching for a similar position in the DC area, and contemplating beginning graduate studies at CUA.

We greatly enjoyed the tour of his classroom below! To me the classroom looks more beautiful than any richer, better equipped school I have seen: this one has soul, discipline, and humility before God.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Number One at Iguassu Falls

We have had little contact with him but he did manage to tell us he went on a helicopter fly over, and sent these. Iguassu Falls, or Iguazu in Spanish and Iguaçú in Portuguese, are the waterfalls complex between Argentina and Brazil that is a huge international attraction--being much, much larger than Niagara!

It is said that the United States First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt reportedly exclaimed, when seeing Iguaçú: "Poor Niagara!" Niagara is one third shorter! Iguaçú also is also wider than Victoria Falls in Southern Africa!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

A couple of Art Projects!

We took some of the day for art today... Number Six made the middle one and I had fun with my attempt at the bottom.

 Then I have been meaning to post these Starry Night studies my young art students worked on recently. The top one was mine, can you tell I had fun with it?