Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Husband has been running a  High School Poetry course with Numbers Six and Seven and friends... last night we had a reduced number of students and he hosted it here as opposed to the usual (cold) room at church. As I fixed dinner, I enjoyed seeing the kids take turns standing up and reading the beautiful lines of yesterday's selections by William Wordsworth.

The poems come from the book Immortal Poems of the English Language, a book that has been in print for decades, and they work hard at analyzing, discussing and understanding the sometimes difficult and obscure lines. The kids love it and last night the literary conversation continued on until after dinner as Husband explained how he would like to continue next year with the great Russian writers.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


So I have been walking, both on treadmill and in the church gym with my friend Kristin... which produces these "very interesting" maps on my iPhone app... that get posted on Facebook for the general public's amusement. We walk in circles in the gym as one can detect.

I have passed the 20 lbs mark on my Wight Watchers meetings but I think it is the walking that has made me feel the best. I feel more capable of fighting the winter for one thing! Even if this is a significantly snowier and colder November! We have had snow now for ... more than a week everyday! 

And now... drum-roll... I am thinking of signing up for the Brookings Turkey Day 5K! I have never done a 5K, and if I find a single family member or friend that will do do it with me, I will go!  

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Diocesan Youth Conference

This happened yesterday here in Brookings. There were 1700 young people there, and it was an all-day event for us. Numbers Six and Seven attended, and Number Six sang in the choir for the Bishop's mass. There were talks, Adoration, Confession, food and games. And the girls of course had a great photo op with someone.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Art Project

Back in 5th grade at coop Number Seven did this project... it was unearthed the other day and this week I worked on it with my art students!

Number Seven is beginning this one, of course taking it to another level! 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Number Four and I

Number Four has been growing in his enjoyment of singing! He not only sings in our excellent parish choir with me and Number Six, he is also part of the SDSU Statesmen and will join the SDSU Concert Choir next semester! Here we are, this past Sunday!