Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Last day before Lent!

Pancakes for breakfast!
Number Seven helped make a Mardi Gras cake for my ESL class at church
But my co-teacher Maristela turned it into a birthday cake and had them sing!
Nice to have cake tonight since tomorrow it's Ash Wednesday! 

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Number Five is quoted in an article

The article is from her University and talks about her trip to Peru last May!
Here is the link

Friday, February 05, 2016

My Godson, God bless him!

I call him "Afilhado-Maravilha", or "Wonder-Godson", and he accuses me vehemently of overrated bragginess. He is wrong, and I am right. Or, no, my superlative is not is actually not superlative enough. You can see for yourself in the pictures: his smiles will melt the hardest stones.

He is a sweetheart. An extremely intelligent, sweet young man, hard working and with a great sense of humor. Last time I was in Brazil I just didn't want to leave his side.  

He just returned to his academic position as the school year resumes in Brazil, after several months in then Imperial College of London in a prestigious postdoc fellowship. See the photos of all of his visits--be itto Crusaders starting-point, gardens, castles, famous landmarks or Jane Austen's house. And much more, ending of course with a visit to Paddington Station. One of the photos shows him with a fellow fellowship recipient and the Ambassador at a dinner.

I have been such a faraway godmother, as he was very little in Brazil when I left, thirty years ago, never to return. Yes, I sent him a few gifts over the years... trinkets we have both forgotten. My only real gift to him has been that of prayer--and in this my good Husband has accompanied me. 

What an absolute rewarding gladness fills my soul when we exchange short correspondence. He is a faithful, wonderful young man. May my prayers for him persevere always, may God send him rewards and happiness in this life for his goodness!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

New book by Karen Edmisten

Top Customer Reviews

Format: Paperback
Some books feel like they have been long-awaited. This is one of them for this reviewer. So many Christians wonder about the issue of evangelization. We are supposed to do it--nay, we are all called to do it by Jesus Christ himself--but how? How to go about something that seems so daunting? Karen Edmisten comes to our aid! She begins by sympathizing with our dumbfounded position, and opens the conversation by telling the reader of her own faith journey. I loved the fact that she talks of the love and kindness found in her atheistic upbringing--and of how some Christians almost turned her away from the Church. She is honest but kind, and the story she tells very interesting. For this cradle Catholic, it was fascinating to read about her first encounters with Catholics. Her chapters are a neat list of Dos and Don'ts and will be helpful to readers, giving ideas and showing perhaps that we have already done some good without even noticing! I'd like to offer this (lengthy) quote that I loved in the Introduction: "[We want to] say, “There’s something out there that’s bigger than we are, and Someone who cares about us, who wants us to band together.” When we lose a job, have a baby, investigate nursing homes for our parents, Someone is there. When we cradle a broken heart, are deployed, are left behind during deployment, volunteer at a homeless shelter, go to the movies, discuss Nietzsche, are ill, or become victims of violence, Someone is there. When we pray in a cold church on a Tuesday afternoon, wondering if anyone hears us, Someone is there. Someone who knows and cares about we’re wearing, and why we couldn’t sleep last night. When we see that truth, we know there’s no presumption in being an evangelist. It is a way of life. Like any life, it can be tiring, exciting, joyful, discouraging, and sometimes overwhelming, but the one thing it’s not is presumptuous. How can it be presumptuous to know you were given the gift of never-ending nourishment and, in return, hope you can help feed a hungry world? "