Sunday, December 10, 2017

Number Six' blog

She tells the story herself... I am sure more about this will come.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

ThomasFire 2017

Number Six was evacuated from the college campus on December 4th, and since then she moved several times and tonight she is arriving home after classes and exams being canceled for the rest of the semester. I am expecting her arrival and will update the blog soon. It has been a prayerful week!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Praying for my brother

I wrote a poem prayer to say for him as he prepares for surgery on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Lord, author of Life,
Look after our brother Eduardo.
Look deep inside his heart, heart of artist, talent that is your own gift.
Look in there at the love he suffers for his loved ones...
Lord, author of Life,
and more--author of love...
-no: Love-Itself,
we beg, hold our brother in your hands!
Hold him, and that, in the intimacy of the heart, he finds peace and comfort.
Only in you there is true freedom and joy--and in these he will find the strength to deal with all that is yet to pass.
That in the encounter with You,
Lord of Love and all that is beautiful,
God who overflows the heart of the beloved,
His fears will vanish, and in the sacraments tangible grace will feed the soul.
Listen to our prayer, we beg, Lord of the Infinite,
Listen to the prayers of his sisters who love him.
All other good things you bring to him will be crowned by peace within his heart.
That this peace bloom into unimaginable fruit,
And above all, that this Peace bring to him what the saints show us:
union with you
and blessed joy.
In Christ Jesus,


Senhor, autor da Vida,
Olhai pelo nosso irmão Eduardo.
Olhai dentro do coração dele, coração de artista, talento que o Senhor mesmo o deu.
Olhai lá dentro o amor que ele sofre pelos seus bem-amados...
Senhor, Autor da vida,
e mais—autor do amor...
—não: Amor-Mesmo,
Pedimos que tenha agora nosso irmão nas suas mãos!
Segura ele, e que ele, na intimidade de coração, desenhado pelo Senhor, encontre a paz e conforto.
Só no Senhor existe a verdadeira liberdade e alegria—e nelas ele vai encontrar a força para lidar com tudo que há de passar ainda.
Que no encontro com o Senhor,
Senhor do Amor e de tudo que é belo,
Senhor que faz o coração do bem-amado transbordar,
Que nesse novo encontro todo o medo se desvaneça, e que nos sacramentos a graça tangível alimente a alma.
Ouça nossa oração, Senhor do Infinito.
Ouça essa oração das irmãs que tão bem o querem.
Tudo o mais de bom que o Senhor trouxer para ele será coroado com a paz dentro de seu coração.
Que essa Paz brote frutos inimagináveis.
Acima de tudo que essa Paz traga a ele aquilo que os Santos nos mostram:
união no Senhor,
e alegria bem-aventurada.
Em Cristo Senhor,