Monday, October 30, 2006

Bishop Finn's quote, sent by Candise

My dearest friend Candise S. sent me this, and I had to post it. Cannot remember such a helpful and well phrased quote for Catholic homeschool families : how fitting for the first day of second quarter!

"Ask God to give you the fervor of St. Albert the Great for science, the joy of St. Cecilia in your music, the diligence of Jerome for translating, and the clarity of St. John in writing. Run and play with St. Don Bosco, debate and persuade with St. Catherine, and fish with Peter himself. Holy Mary, who taught our Lord Himself in the school of Nazareth, accompany us on our new school year. St. Joseph, headmaster and guide for the boy Jesus, lead us on a sure and safe path to Him."

Bishop Robert Finn, diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph

From the address given at Homeschool Mass September, 2006.

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