Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Two from Number Five

Check out Unity of Truth today-- it's been a little while since I had posted there.

Below is a collage made from photos of Number Five's gorgeous fall craft made at Co-op: Thank you, Mrs. S.! It hangs from our dining room chandelier.

...and another one from Number Five: never content to miss my co-op art projects, she took it to herself to do a little Monet as well: (I'd say with fabulous results).

I would like to add a post scriptum on our children's names: no, we do not, as I have heard asked, call them by their birth order number. (Although we do use a numeric roll call when loading the car to insure that all are onboard.) At home we call them by their beautiful baptismal names, stemming from the rich canon of saints of the Church, spanning centuries of history and geographical locations.