Monday, August 13, 2007

We counted them: 29 "tears"!

Husband set up lawn chairs, the girls brought blankets, Number Two made two batches of popcorn.

What a show it was last night! We counted twenty-nine shooting stars! I told the younger ones the story of Saint Lawrence and his famous quote, and how the meteor shower window coincides with his feast day. During the Rosary the kids were allowed to shout out a number, provided the rule was followed: at least two of us needed to see one for it to be counted. Most of them, especially the big, sky-crossing slower ones, we all saw.

Number Four found constellations and told us how to find the North Star. The big dipper never looked so perfect--ready to dip us some soup? And the Milky Way... it looked amazing through Husband's very powerful field binoculars. (We lost our not-so-good telescope during one of our many moves, but I have a hunch Husband is investigating acquiring one, due to the number of web pages open on telescope reviews.)

I pondered on how we can possibly come in the house and sleep knowing the amazing star show is on, meteor shower or not, every night. Which provoked a discussion on how many nights are not starry nights, due to climate, or moon.

We are looking forward to doing it again-- with Number One who arrives today!

In this photo released by a Perseid meteor flashes across the constellation Andromeda on Aug. 12, 1997, in this 8-minute exposure taken in Florence Junction, Ariz. With no moon in sight to interfere with the Perseid meteor shower, skygazers can expect to spot streaking fireballs late Sunday, Aug. 12, 2007, into dawn Monday regardless of time zone. Astronomers estimate as many as 60 meteors per hour could flit across the sky at the shower's peak. (AP Photo/, Rick Scott and Joe Orman)


Christine said...

I missed them. We were so engrossed in watching family movies that I completely forgot. I am so glad that you got to see the perseids and counted 29 "tears".

Candise and Crew said...

We missed them, too! I think of them as being near my husband's birthday, which is August 18 and then I'm too late. We have seen them twice in previous years with our older two, but I was hoping for the twins to get the experience this year. Especially since I'm doing a unit study on Galileo in the International Year of Astronomy. I should have checked your blog sooner!! Thanks for all your great posts.
Candise & Crew