Sunday, October 18, 2009

Greek homework

Number Three is teaching Greek to Number Six and Seven and young friends before he goes off to college to study Greek a bit more in depth... ;-) Number Three has taken all of the Greek offered at the local Liberal Arts college--twice--and is just about to fulfill his dream of entering a college in a Classic-major trajectory. We pray daily for his college choice to be according to God's will for him.

In the meantime, he has fun with the younger new Greek-enthusiasts. We use Hey Andrew Teach me Some Greek which all of the students have re-named Hey Gus teach me Some Greek, of course. They will finish Book1 by Christmas and tackle Book 2 in the spring semester.

They have learned the "Learning Greek " song and sung for me this past week at the library classroom where the class takes place. I am uploading it to You-Tube and will post asap.

Update 11 PM: Here is the You Tube! Enjoy!

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