Saturday, October 10, 2009

In the Nick of Time!

We brought in the squash yesterday--which was a beautiful fall day--right before the first snow, as the early morning picture in the kitchen shows...! Nicole and Katie were helpful friends!


Bridget Safranek said...

We just had snow here too!

Unbelievable, three inches!

Whatever happened to Global

Cláudia said...

wow I'm glad it's not that cold here, it's only barely beginning to turn into fall now. and girlbies you all look great! hugs and kisses for all of you!!

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

We're watching a BBC series called "A Year in Provence"--Nina's suggestion--and it seems that France is much warmer than England! Aah-- also, Titia wants an email French asap! Mande email para Tia tete e ela imprime.

Candise and Crew said...

Is it the same as the book "A Year in Provence"? I listened to the audio book read by the author himself and Peter's voice sounds as warm and inviting as the French countryside.

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

I think it's the same, yes. Now I want to read it!