Friday, November 20, 2009

A great show!

Best family show in a looong time! We love it--our entire family, teens, kids, adults! So much fun and such depth of the human spirit--and although not strictly accurate, it does justice to Alexander McCall Smith's beautiful and honorable creative mind!

Do not miss it!

Note: ... this is definitely a PG show for those who are wondering.
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K. H. said...

For the first time, my family is ahead of yours in the viewing department. After reading the Number One Ladies' Detective Agency books (they are tremendous), I bought the dvd's for my folks in early autumn. They loved them, and passed them along to us! We, too, loved them.
Now, the next movie experience you have to try is "Foyle's War". It is set in England during WWII. The attention to historical detail is commendable, and the plot and characters are memorable.
Try it, you'll like it!
Kathie Hogan
(your fan in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada)

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Oh Kathie, I am certain that you are ahead of us in many things! Hee hee-- just remember: if you get to heaven first, send me a rope!

I confess I love everything McCall Smith writes!!

Susan said...

We watched all of season one! I really like Mr. JLB Matekoni.

K. H. said...

Ana, let me know about your thoughts on Foyle's War. Honestly, we have not enjoyed a movie as much in a while (well, since Number One Ladies, that is). Five stars.
Thanks for all you do, Ana. Your family life is an inspiration to many!
God bless you and yours,