Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Memorial Mass

The priest was ordained by papal special dispensation at 23 years old. He is the parish vicar and a whiz in Greek and Latin. I cannot wait for Number Three to meet him. He gave a beautiful sermon exhorting all of us in this one-year mark since her passing to try every day to be and do what she would have liked us to. Since I wasn't there last year he invited me to say a few words before the final blessing: I spoke of how I saw the torrential rain that fell all through mass as lagrimas do ceu, or tears from heaven, how my faith has grown since her death, and how in my heart that there is a wish that our whole family will be together in heaven one day.

We took a picture of all present: brothers Eduardo and Pedro, Dad, me and sister Marta, with Maria Madalena and Catarina de Sena in front.

My brother Eduardo's delightful children Paulinho, Francisco and Anna Clara provided me with some wonderful conversation!

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