Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The perfect Guacamole

I not only did not grow up with Guacamole (avocados in Brazil are eaten with sugar for dessert), I also did not learn to make it from a Mexican Food native. My comadre Wanda, who is from Poland, taught me to make it--and she is a fabulous cook.

The key? Simplicity! 3 ingredients suffice: a good avocado, fresh crushed garlic, and salt. Yum.

Glossary: Comadre, and Compadre, are terms that comes from Latin, meaning co-mother or co-father. It is what we call our relatives or friends who are godparents of our children, or when we are godparents of their children. A beautiful Catholic usage!

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Annie said...

Ana - sounds good to me, but I do like the addition of a little lime too! Happy New Year to you!