Saturday, January 02, 2010

Rima Rica, Rica Pobre

I bought this in Brazil two weeks ago... and opened it yesterday, and read it aloud to Number Six. We were both surprised how much of it she was able to understand! Her Latin helps immensely.

This darling book is about a "Poor Rhyme", and a "Rich Rhyme", two original characters who tell readers about all sorts of different rhymes. Through a fun and cute story, the pedantic and complicated Rima Rica learns simplicity and sincerity and goes from braggy and selfish to admiring compassion and nobility. I loved finding this book in Brazil, where bookstores are still poshy places where the elite shops: a book that was inexpensive, all in Portuguese, not translated, and--best of all--good!

Now to a new New Year's Resolution (number... 35?): translate it!

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