Monday, February 22, 2010

Max and Benedict

Max and Benedict, a Bird's Eye View of the Pope's Daily Life, by Jeanne Perego, illustrated by Donata Dal Molin Casagrande, 2009 Ignatius Press, 52 pages.

Who says picture books are for kids? Everyone in our house enjoys what I bring from the weekly trips to the library. Our 17 yr old son is enjoying this volume as I write this, and his comments include

...the illustrations have such a nice feeling to them

...the author seems to really know what she is talking about

... very insightful!

... the pope plays piano? I didn't know that!

... I like the listing of other birds' behavior around the Vatican

...a cheerful read!

Need say anymore?

This post doubles as a Pope St Nicholas V post as I have requested this book to be purchased by our library system. It was a wonderful feeling each time the library purchases our own suggestions. Give it a try!

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