Monday, March 22, 2010

Two Saint Elizabeths

We just finished Saint Elizabeth and the Three Crowns by Blanche Jennings Thompson. We all loved the story of the greatest saint of the medieval era as the postscript says.

Also, during our reading of this book we researched and found out, with the help of my Church-History-connoisseur-sister in Brazil, the confusion that is generally made between the two royal saints with the same name.

Santa Isabel (or Elizabeth in English) of Portugal was the queen saint of the miracle of the loaves-turned-to-roses. She was a great niece of Elizabeth of Hungary and their stories had many parallels. Her feast day is July 4th which is a great holy day in Portugal. Number Five's godmother brought her a statue of the Rainha Santa ("queen-saint") from Portugal when she was little-- and Number Five always reminds us of the other reason to celebrate the Fourth of July!

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