Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First Quiz Bowl, first place!

My eyes are teary as I look at this picture of a happy Number Six and her wonderful and dear friends Katie, Susannah and Cecelia. They competed together for the first time in an academic Quiz Bowl last night and took First Place!

I believe this type of accomplishment to be God's way of affirming and rewarding our academic efforts at home, as faulty as they may be. These girls have studied so much together since first grade: co-op classes, History, Latin, Literature, Choir, Geography, Poetry and Writing, not to mention all of the times they have spent together enjoying each other and talking about interesting things.

My head is brimming with gratitude: to God, from Whom all good things come, to Mrs J. M. who is the Quiz Bowl organizer, and to Husband, who is doing a phenomenal job as Mr. Mom while I am in Brazil.


gmh said...

A very hearty congratulations to these fine young ladies!

Jannell said...

Excellent! Congrats!