Friday, April 09, 2010

Last Classical League meeting

We were so honored to have Monsignor Mangan as our guest speaker. He spoke so beautifully of his time in Rome during the election of Pope Benedict and also on the importace of the study of Latin. He brought handouts with Latin prayers and even quizzed the kids on some accurate declining.

Our group was depleted due to academic conflicts, but the pictures, sent by hostess Mrs. B., show the club's President with Monsignor and the younger section of our Latin scholars, one of them being our Fifth Grader Number Six who had, for the first time in our JCL chapter, a perfect score in the National Latin Exam. Below are four of our seven new members of the National Latin Honor Society. To be eligible they must be a JCL member, and an A Latin student in High School. Congratulations!

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gmh said...

A hearty congratulations to #6 for her perfect score!