Thursday, July 01, 2010

Eventful Week!

Light blogging was due to an unexpected eventful week in Nebraska!


- I drove! There and back! First time I do the whole thing on my own. No, I did not drive on interstates. (I am known for... avoiding them). Instead, I found a lovely route though three states and beautiful scenery.

- Number Two is home! We are still getting used to her presence, her voice, her laughter all over again. She and the girls have lots of fun plans, first of which is building a scarecrow!

- I spent time with our adorable goddaughter Marguerite and her whole and wonderful family!

- We were hosted by the O's and enjoyed Nicole Grace's sharp and tiny personality, plus her cheerful little sister Maggie!

- Like the old times, I met fabulous lady friends for coffee at Starbucks inside Barnes & Noble... (My, do I miss doing that!)

-Pictures coming!

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