Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A garden tour

I finally went out with the camera... Clockwise, spiraling from top left: Rosemary, eggplant, ripening Legend tomatoes, savoy cabbage, the garden plot nearest the house from afar, peppers, green beans, a rasbperry, parsley, a baby apple, strawberries, basil, sour cherries, the winter squash garden, and the lettuce/onion/broccolli beds.

I still need to picture the potatoes, Zucchini and Brussels sprouts, and the sweet potatoes and corn from the back gardens. We have picked and frozen: shelled peas, green beans and blanched broccoli. We have also picked and braided all of the garlic!

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gmh said...

Very impressive work you accomplish each season! Yummy, too!