Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Life is full of chance encounters

While we are enjoying his presence these 2 weeks, Number Three was seldom at home this summer. His main focus was the course taught Fr. Reginald Foster, the renowned Vatican Latinist. It took place in WI and I hear bits about it from time to time. Yesterday he checked his long-unchecked-email and found a message with a gift... and told me of this story--a chance meeting with a Lutheran pastor in the train from Chicago, and a subsequent blog post by said pastor. Life is full of interesting encounters, that is for sure! Read about it here (scroll down and find the part about the Latin course, start from there): http://fatherhollywood.blogspot.com/2010/06/amtrak-and-gods-merciful-providence.html


Candise and Crew said...

This is a beautiful coincidence, and I'm sure it's the reason I love to travel. God uses many opportunities to make us happy and enriched. Gus is outgoing and charming, so it makes sense this connection happened on the train.

Jannell said...

Too cool. God transcends time and space, and so many other things!