Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our homeschool materials for the year

Many readers ask that I mention my homeschool materials more often but truly it takes me all summer--and some of September--to finalize our choices. One of the reasons is that I wait to see what academic groups the kids have together with other kids, or at co-op or Tutoring Center.

Here are some of our basic materials this year:

Faith and Life (perpetual mainstay)
Teaching Textbooks Math
Writing Tales
Lingua Mater
CHC English and Spelling (I love their materials!)
CHC Little Latin Readers/workbooks
CHC Art Appreciation
Mapping the World with Art
Catholic Textbook Project History (Yes, I am using my workbook in a class)
Seton Art 4 and 8
Seton Catholic Culture
Power Glide French
Behold and See 5

High School:
IEW American Lit
Didache and Fr. Laux for religion
Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2
Saxon Advanced Math
Prentice Hall Chemistry
Poetry (Immortal Poems of the English Language)
Wordly Wise
Power Glide French
Homeschool Connections Philosophy and German 1

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Jannell said...

Oh, that's funny. I was thinking of doing a similar post today in honor ot TC and the new school year!