Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Webinar

I didn't know I would enjoy it so much. The hour flew... I could have talked more... it was soo much fun. I spoke of my dear aunt who inspired me as a child with her annual children's plays, about the importance of recognizing the people who inspire us, and how we may be inspiring others unknowingly. (She is pictured here, with my father, her only sibling, in a recent picture. They have always been the best of friends.)

I spoke about each of my plays: how they came to be, what type of dialog I used for the stage, and so forth. Pure fun!

Here is the link for the free recorded session. If you email me or Maureen Wittman, we can send you the PowerPoint I prepared as well.

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W. said...

Ana, I am in charge of our second homeschool coop meeting (three first/second graders and three kindergarters) and after listening to your webinar, I am inspired to put together a small play for the group for November 12. Thanks so much for the inspiration and ideas!!