Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Listening to Little Women

This is a new recording read by Sandra Burr, which is superior to the last one we listened to by Barbara Caruso.

One wonders how can a book retain its charm and interest throughout one's life... as this book has. I read it first as a preteen, then as a teenager, and again and again in all stages of life.

Listening to it now again with my young daughters gives me yet another perspective. This time it is Marmie's common-sense, wise, loving advice she gives throughout the book to her good-hearted daughters that seems to be coming alive. Her advice is grounded on principles, and of course universal.

This book is timeless because as fashions or customs may vary from time to time, sound advice doesn't. Marmie counsels the girls on the realm of the heart, on the way we should love others, on personal dignity, and on how to live life fully, healthily and happily. We are loving every minute of this recording.

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