Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Number Two, graduate

She has just told us she has gotten officially in the list of Seniors who are graduating in December--one semester early, which is no small feat at Notre Dame! We have been doing ink portraits at co-op and I made this one of hers, from the proof of the portraits which are still to arrive.

I am constantly impressed by her hard work! Since she was a toddler, it seems that she wanted to beat her older brother at everything, from speed at finishing-popsicles to the number of books she could read, to picking three to four times more strawberries than him! She grew to discover that we are all given different talents and I treasure their beautiful friendship!

We are so, so very proud of her accomplishments, but more than that, of her good, serviceable heart. She has always had a love for helping the underprivileged and has participated in many mission trips! We ask for God's blessing in her future plans, and we know she will shine and find happiness, as she is talented and good!

Number Two is not able to come for Thanksgiving due to her work load on campus, but she is on our hearts and minds these days! We love you!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful (and impressive!) - congratulations!!!

Jannell said...

Quite lovely. The post writing and the picture! You are a wonderful mom.