Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today and yesterday's saints!

I meant to do this yesterday... alas, the Lord has given us only 24hours in a day.

The first picture is one I love of yesterday's saint--our dearest Margaret of Scotland, patron saint of our homeschool group.

The second is of my own dramatic version of her life: King Malcolm, whose ruthless kingdom, represented by Duncan, was civilized by Saint Margaret with the support of thequeen-mother. The castle servant represents the populace of the kingdom who benefitted immensely from a newly civilized and Christian government, and the two college students were the ones who brought the story alive from the shadows o Dumferline Abbey while exploring the history of Scotland.

Today's saint, Elizabeth of Hungary, is on this gorgeous old holycard. I go to this blog often, its only mission is to post beautifulholy cards everyday.

Happy feast Day!
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