Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lovely weather

Just a few seconds to show friends who live far from the northern plains a bit of what this is. I just took this video, a few minutes ago, as our weather radio flashes blizzard warnings.

I look on the bright side: we will have a white Christmas while others will wear short sleeves and sing about it. This post dedicated to our dear friend Fr. A. who is enjoying 74F in FL.


PNG said...

We're enjoying the storm with you! We are at over a foot of snow now, and it should continue through the night. Stay warm and dry. We are enjoying being snowed in by baking and doing sewing projects. Enjoy the weather.:) It's beautiful!

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Isn't it something? It's certainly beautiful...and certainly COLD! (Current temp. here in St. Paul? Not even 10 degrees.)

Happy 3rd Sunday of Advent, Ana! I wanted to tell you that I love your blog header--such beautiful colors! Feel like talking art supplies? I'd love to hear what you use with your family.

Email me if you have the time! Or respond in this combox--that'd be fine too. :)

Jordan Chowen said...

awww that storm hit us too! Thank goodness it wasn't as bad! Comment coming from Prince Edward Island Canada!